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If you are looking for advice on your workers compensation obligations and rights, then our aim is to provide practical and cost effective outcomes for employers, their claims managers and insurers, in dealing with workplace injuries.

KJK Legal provides legal services in relation to:

  • the rights and obligations of compensating authorities including claims managers and self insurers, employers and workers under workers compensation legislation;
  • issues relating to an employer’s ability to challenge the extent of its liability to pay levies under legislation;
  • recovery from third parties of compensation paid or payable to an injured worker under legislation;
  • the defence of common law claims against employers in relation to employees’ injuries arising out of or in the course of their employment;
  • claims under dust diseases legislation;
  • representation in all courts and tribunals that have jurisdiction over the matters described above;
  • claims against employers by workers with unresolved workers compensation claims alleging breach by the employer of some law other than the workers compensation legislation, e.g claims of unfair dismissal or unlawful discrimination;
  • applications for self insurance by registered employers;
  • dealing with statutory authorities on behalf of self insurers over compliance and registration matters;
  • the provision of Precedents such as standard form documentation and letters for use by claims managers.  Contact us for access permission.

Client Testimonial

I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of KJK Legal for the support and high level assistance they provided me during my time as National Workers Compensation Manager for Hills Limited.  KJK Legal understood the history of the business and the culture of the organisation and using this knowledge were able to provide premium advice to myself and upper management ensuring that Hills Limited’s interests were protected whilst meeting obligations under the Self-Insurance license.  Through KJK Legal’s assistance Hills, over a 3 year period, was successfully able to finalise significant numbers of very complex ‘long tail’ claims at minimum cost to the business whilst maintaining Hills statutory obligations.  KJK Legal were always available to respond to upper management queries pertaining to Workers Compensation Liability and through the resources available at KJK Legal extended this advice to the fields of Industrial and Employment relations as necessary.”  Heather Budd